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Why Would Your Business Need a Mechanical Engineer?

There are times in life, and in work, when nobody but a mechanical engineer will do the job. Here’s all you need to know about how mechanical engineers are good for business.

Mechanical engineers are the digital nomads of the engineering world. They are the people behind steam engines, electric generators, and air conditioning systems. They are the people that brought us gas turbines, siloes, and internal combustion. They are the adventurers of the mechanical world. Why would your business need one? It depends entirely on what you are selling and/or what you are producing.

What does a Mechanical Engineer Do?

Mechanical engineers design, manufacture, and test, mechanical parts. This includes things like refrigeration systems, hydraulics on the factory floor, air conditioning, engines, and more. Mechanical engineers deal with thermal sensors, creating new designs for working mechanics, and research and development of new inventions.

The average mechanics based engineer will require a bachelor’s degree in the subject. Advanced positions require a background with a little experience in the subject. You can stop with the bachelor’s degree, but a master’s degree in engineering is better and will land you better roles.

The starter salary for a base level mechanical engineer fresh out of university, is about £20,000 per year. This salary can double and more if you have the correct level of experience. Fortunately for businesses, these types of engineers will pay for themselves. They will reduce operating costs, reduce production times, and keep all of your mechanics running without you having to seek assistance offsite.

How Could A Mechanical Engineer Help My Business?

It depends on your business. We like the example of the oilfield service company. They hire multiple mechanical engineers because they have to devise new ways of getting the oil out of the ground. They use mechanics to transport it upwards, out of the earth. They may well also use engineers to power the forklifts or the vehicles that remove the oil. Engineers have many skills and all of them are focused on design and invention of components which make your life easier.

In a less expensive example, a mechanical engineer might deal with the machines you use in your factory to produce your goods. They might develop new components or parts which help reduce running costs, boost production times, or otherwise are safer for the employees to use. A mechanical engineer in your warehouse will develop better storage systems or devise logistical solutions to how you store products.

Where can I Hire a Mechanical Engineer Online?

You can hire a mechanical engineer of your very own right here on the internet. Head over to browse the Hays Mechanical Engineering Jobs offered online. These are jobs aimed at employees, but the listings give you insight into how to lay out your own advert. You can also use this site to browse the CVs of candidates looking for work. This makes you twice as likely to find the suitable candidate you need, in half the time.

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